How it works

1. Register

If you are still finding your way through our website or you are not completely sure what to do next, do not hesitate to click on the button below and drop us a message. You can expect the answer from us within 24h. 




2. Submit Post

Once logged in, you can submit 2 types of ads: a GIVEAWAY item, or an item to REQUEST.Enter a great title to describe your ad, a description, and a photo. Decide or not to show your phone number public and set the location where the item can be picked up from.An administrator will review your ad and approve it accordingly. You will receive an email to update you with the status of approval.Access your account to view how many people have seen your ads and answer queries through private messages.



3. Messages

With Jeeraa, we want you to feel confortable giving away items and requesting for things you need. The messages are private between you and the Giver or Requester. You can review the profile of the person you are sharing with, see how many items have been shared and requested. Arrange the delivery or the pick up of the item safely and peacefully.It’s that easy!  




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